Extended Deadline for abstract submission: 18th May 2023
Acceptance notification: By 23rd May 2023
Below is the agenda for the program. Please click the download button below for more information.

Theme: Food Science and Innovations for Safe, Healthy Diets and Sustainable Food Systems


The 9th National Conference on Food Science and Technology (9th FCON) is a forum for interdisciplinary exchange among professionals and stakeholders in the fields of food science, technology, food safety, governance, working towards enhancing innovations across the agri-food systems in Nepal and beyond.

The theme of this year's conference is Food Science and Innovations for Safe, Healthy Diets and Sustainable Food Systems and its aim is to explore evidence and have discussions on a range of issues related to food science, innovations (technologies, policies, processes, and practices), food safety, loss and waste, healthy diets, and nutrition, with a focus on sustainable transformation of Nepal's food system. The 9th FCON will bring together food scientists, nutrition and food systems researchers and academics, policy stakeholders, private sector stakeholders, development partners, and donor agencies to present thought provoking keynote talks, scientific oral and plenary sessions, poster sessions, and short workshops.

The event is organized by Nepal Food Scientists and Technologists Association (NEFOSTA), Government of Nepal's Department of Food Technology and Quality Control (DFTQC),and the US Government's Feed the Future Food Systems for Nutrition Innovation Lab (FSN-IL) managed by Tufts University, and co-organized by Baliyo Nepal Nutrition Initiative (BNNI), Central Campus of Technology (CCT), and SUN Business Network (SBN).


  • Food Science and Technology
  • Food safety, contamination, and chemical residues - pre and post farmgate
  • Food and Nutrition Governance and Consumer Concerns
  • Indigenous, Traditional and Functional Foods, Food Biotechnology
  • Food Security, Nutrition, and Intervention programs
  • Food Systems Innovations - food preservation, processing, storage, and packaging technologies, processes, and practices
  • Food Industry and Innovation
  • Market (SME) development
  • Food Quality and Nutritional Values
  • Food Toxicology
  • Food Borne Diseases
  • Nutrition and health outcomes in vulnerable population groups
  • Food loss and waste management and utilization - pre-harvest and post-harvest handling